The best oil comes from the combination of expertise and attitude to excellence. Pakelo manufactures +1000 different kind of lubricants. If you are looking for a distinctive car oil, motorcycle oil, industrial oil or a lubricant for heavy duty applications you are in the place to be.

Pakelo lubricants are entirely manufactured in Italy and exported in more than 40 countries worldwide through a selected network of distributors and dealers. Nowadays making lubricants means anticipating the market demands with products excelling in spite of the complex and ever-changing scenario of international and OEM specifications. To assure that Pakelo strives on daily basis to gain the access to the best bases and additives supply, valuing relations, research and lubricant-culture sharing, offering excellence to the excellence.

One of the most renowned Pakelo services is the creation of tailor-made lubricants. From formulation to packaging we assure to the OEM the necessary assistance every step along the way together with consultancy and technical training. Reactivity and flexibility allow to find the best solution for innovative and customized lubrication.